Choonhachat SKETCH - Procreate & Photoshop Pencil Brush Set

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Looking for the perfect Procreate & Photoshop pencil brush? Tired of searching through a pack with a bunch of extra filler brushes that you'll probably never use? Look no more!

I saved you some time and created the only pencil brushes you'll need. As an avid sketcher myself, I understand the importance of having a good pencil brush that can respond to the subtleties of drawing. After failing to find the pencil brushes that fit my need, I decided to create my own from the ground up!

Taking advantage of the pressure, rotation, and tilt features of the Apple Pencil and Procreate 5+ brush engine, the Choonhachat Sketch Brushes are designed to mimic the natural look and feel of traditional pencils. I use these brushes daily in my professional work. This brush set is perfect for quick sketching, figure drawing, drafting, and conceptualizing!

Update: Photoshop brushes are now available!  The brushes use the tilt feature in Photoshop, so if your drawing tablet supports it, this will give you extra control on the angles of your strokes :)

This brush set includes:

  • 3 Graphite Brushes
  • 1 Tone Brush
  • 1 Blend Brush
  • 4 Paper Textures (JPGs)
  • Bonus: DFault Brush Set (10 Brushes)

How to download:


  • Procreate: Download the .brushset files to your iPad and import to Procreate
  • Photoshop: Download the .abr files and open with Photoshop

Paper Textures:

  • If you are on the iPad, make sure you are using Safari. Download the .jpg files and import to Procreate. You can also download the .jpg files to your other device first then transfer them to the iPad.

I personally use these brushes everyday for both my personal and professional work. Feel free to reach out through email or DM me on my social media if you have any questions or concerns. Let me know what you think of the brushes and what you'd like to see next. Post your drawings and use the hashtag #choonhachatSKETCH

-Dylan Choonhachat

@choonhachat #choonhachatSKETCH #choonhachat #bruteforcemethod

30 ratings
  • Pencil brushes for Procreate and Photoshop #choonhachatSKETCH #choonhachat #bruteforcemethod

  • Pencil brushes for Procreate and Photoshop #choonhachatSKETCH #choonhachat #bruteforcemethod


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Choonhachat SKETCH - Procreate & Photoshop Pencil Brush Set

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